The Tungsten series features corner edge protectors and slightly raised modules to provide solid edge protection when attaching frames together. A protective resin covering results in a high-impact resistant LED Display.
The cabinet is front or rear-serviceable and has a die-cast aluminum frame. The 8-point integral locking system enables quick assembly as well as precise alignment. Aluminum modules improve flatness uniformity which allows for the protective resin encasement to be as flat and uniform as possible. The Tungsten series is very stout as it is designed to withstand the rigors of the rental market

Additional Features

With the addition of the Brompton control system to the P1.9 Tungsten Series Rental Cabinet, we at Vanguard are continuing our commitment to providing leading-edge technology in every sector of the display market. Brompton, in conjunction with MBI IC drivers, creates the perfect display for the XR Studio and Broadcast markets with novel features including Shuttersync, 3D Color Management, and Frame Remapping. The flexibility and performance of the Brompton control system, when introduced to the incredibly stout and durable Tungsten series, make this product the right solution for any event, production, tradeshow, or conference, in addition to the aforementioned broadcast applications. Stocked in the U.S.A, Tungsten P1.9 is ready and waiting to make your next event or broadcast unforgettable.

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Pixel Pitch  P1.9  P2.5  P3.91 
LED Type  SMD1R1G1B     
LED Configuration  3 in 1     
Pixel Density  262,144/m²  160,000/m²  65,536/m² 
Module Size  9.84" x 9.84"     
Module Resolution  128 x 128  100 x 100  64 x 64 
Lifetime to half Brightness  100,000 hrs     
Contrast Ratio  3,000:1     
Brightness  800 Nits  800 Nits  4000-5000 Nits 
Viewing Angle       
Cabinet Material  Die Cast Aluminum     
Cabinet Size  19.8" x 19.8"     
Cabinet Resolution  256 x 256  200 x 200  128 x 128 
Min. Viewing Distance  6.3 ft.  8.25 ft.  13 ft. 
Modules Per Cabinet     
Cabinet Weight  19.1 lbs     
Service Access  Front or Rear     
IP Rating  IP30  IP30  IP65 Front/IP54 Rear 
Internal Operation       
Driving Method  1/15th Scanning     
Grey Scale  14 bit     
IC Driver  Chipone 2053     
Refresh Rate  >2880Hz     
Frame Frequency  60Hz     
AC Power       
Source Voltage  100-240V, 50-60Hz     
Max Power Consumption  200W     
Avg. Power Consumption  100W     
Operating Temperature  -10° to +50°C     
Storage Temperature  -20°C to +60°C     
Operating Humidity  20% to 90% RH