Vanguard’s TAA-compliant Axion Invictus Series is a revolutionary new technology used to produce LED video displays. Traditional SMD positive anode and negative electrodes face up. However, the circuit design for Axion Invictus for both the Positive and Negative electrodes faces downward. ​
Therefore the “ChipFlip” process. The traditional MD structure requires soldering which increases the possibility of failure points. the ChipFlip structure does not require soldering and therefore has a much lower failure rate. Very fine SMD 1010 LED diodes and the substrate are electrically and mechanically interconnected by solder paste bonding to the PB board. The soldering paste is 100 times stronger than the traditional method of 3-in-1 encapsulation of LED bulbs. The LED diodes and substrate are then covered with an epoxy resin, creating an impact and moisture-resistant surface. The the failure rate is 5/PPM in year 1 as compared to 50-100/PPM for standard SMD.
Common Cathode technology, designed to reduce heat generation is standard on the Axion Invictus Series. The electric current passes through the Cathode, the negative pole, or the ground as opposed to the anode. Therefore, power is not being drawn continuously creating heat but power is drawn only as needed. As a result, heat production is greatly reduced. The contrast ratio and color gamut of “ChipFlip”, featuring true HDR technology is best in class.

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