Curved, Transparent, Floors and Custom Displays OVERVIEW

As LED video displays become more ubiquitous the demand for more unique shapes, applications and sizes continues to grow.
Using flex tiles that can be bent in any direction and can also be cut into various shapes has allowed Vanguard to produce spheres, domes, cylinders and tunnels and encircle envelope pillars. These shapes are very popular in the simulation market.
LED displays can be transform straight displays into continuous curves.
Vanguard can create LED display squares and/or rectangles by creating 90 degree corners as required.
Our Zirconium Series is a freeform series that enables configuration in units of 250mm both vertically and horizontally. Potential sizes include, 250mm x 250mm. 250mm x 500mm. 250mm x 750mm. 250mm x 1000mm. 500mm x 500mm. 500mm x 750mm. 500mmx 1000mm. 750mm x 750mm. 750mm x 1000mm. 1000mm x 1000mm. 250mm panel sizes enables Vanguard to get extremely close to any target dimensions.
Vanguard is capable of creating LED floors, in unlimited sizes, that will show continuous images as opposed to using projectors to create images on a floor which necessitate edge blending or using LCD that have bezels. The military uses these floors for planning, battle front evaluations, and the mapping of drone footage. The LED floors are very durable with acrylic coverings as soldiers walk on them. The legs supporting the displays are also very stout.
Our Houdini Series features transparent LED displays where you will see moving images, including 3-D images ,as well as being able to see through to the background. Applications include, retail stores, car dealerships, bars, restaurants, live performances, the facades of buildings. The corners of buildings are perfect locations to create 3D images that appear to be burst out of the side of a building.
Vanguard’s Sidewinder Series consist of individual horizontal units that are attached together by a motorized operation creating a seamless display. This process allows for a display to be literally rolled up and stored when the display is not in use. The cruise industry is very interested in this product as it can be “un-rolled” to show a movie and then “rolled up” to store the display thus protecting it from exposure to the ravages of salt air and possibly salt water.