Vanguard LED Display’s XR Broadcast LED video displays are designed to take LED video broadcast to the next level of color accuracy and authenticity. Vanguard has revolutionized LED broadcast technology. The XR Broadcast LED displays have the ability to achieve accurate colors that exceed the objective standards as defined by th e DCI-P3 Cinema Initiatives Protocol. Vanguard Led Displays have in tests achieved “exceptional” DCI-P3 native diode accuracy “right out of the box”. The XR Broadcast LED displays feature 4K clarity and industry leading brightness levels of 1000 nits. Vanguard’s Studio Broadcast LEDs come in a variety of LED display options, including Axion, Tungsten, Rhodium and Cobalt in order to meet any studio’s exact requirements. Brompton or Novastar control systems. Refresh rate- 7680. Shutter sync. 3D color management. Frame remapping.


Leader in LED Displays Technology in America.