Vanguard LED Displays is the only company in the world that is TAA approved as witnessed by the publication of this fact on April 19, 2018 in the Federal Register. The Trade Administrative Act allows Vanguard LED Displays to sell any agency of the U.S. government. Our country of origin for the products we sell the U.S. military is Taiwan. The LED bulbs we use are sourced from Taiwan. As a result more than 65% of the value of a Vanguard LED display destined for the U.S. military, has Taiwanese LED bulbs, and as a result our country of origin is Taiwan. Chinese, North Korean and Iranian companies cannot be TAA approved. The military buys our fine pixel pitch, P0.9 and P1.25 Axion Pro Series as well as the fine pitch, P0.7 and P0.5, Axion Invictus ChipFlip Series. Vanguard Led displays has also developed a rapid deployment series for exclusive use of the military. We also provide LED floors to the military for planning, front evaluation, and mapping drone footage. The stout Beryllium P0.9 and P1.25 can be used for ground stacking or for flying displays.


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