Terbium Sphere Series Indoor LED Flex Tile Simulation Dome


Vanguard has again reinvented the LED industry with the Terbium Dome. This is the ideal display for a simulation application as the level of immersion can be up to 360 degrees. At 1.8mm this display will allow for the highest of resolutions to be utilized in a simulation environment, guaranteeing no loss of critical information or a lack of authenticity in the simulation. This product is suitable for simulation structures for military, maritime, aerospace, helocopter simulation applications, T.V., and Film Production.

Additional Features

  • 1.8mm fine pixel pitch allows for high resolution imaging.
  • 4m Diameter
  • Up to 360 degree immersion.
  • Customizable Color temperature between 3200-9500K
  • Superb color & brightness uniformity
  • Refresh rates of up 3840Hz
  • Brightness of 800 nits