About Us


Vanguard LED Displays is an American owned company, headquartered in Lakeland, Florida. As Americans, we share the common values of honesty, integrity and candor. Complete customer satisfaction is our only mission which is why we are defined by our core values of service, responsiveness, and communication. These core values can take many practical shapes including: offering industry leading new technology, providing expert design advice at the outset of a project, timely quotes, the fastest lead times in the industry, helpful CADs and electrical drawings, professional commissioning, proficient on-site training and stellar after sales service.

2018 Best of Show

Vanguard LED Displays, as our name implies is always at the forefront of new technologies in the LED video display market. We invented the 16:9 native aspect ratio cabinet. Our fine pixel pitch Axion Series was awarded “Best in Show” at InfoComm 2018, beating every other fine pixel pitch manufacturer in the world! Our stout TAA compliant Tungsten Series features a protective resin covering that results in a highly impact resistant LED display. Vanguard’s Cesium Series features flex cabinets that can curve 22.5 degrees, either concave or convex. Sixteen (16) Cesium cabinets can create a 360- degree circle with a diameter of 8 feet, or an any arc that is either concave or convex.

Vanguard provides a five (5) year warranty and 5% spare parts. The vast majority of repairs are undertaken in Lakeland, Florida.

With heightened concern about foreign infiltration of our technical resources and command centers, Vanguard is proud to announce the introduction of our Sentinel processor. This processor is built right here in the U.S. of A. using 100% American parts, material and labor. Easy will rest the head that stands on guard for us.

Vanguard “walks the walk”! With over 150 successful installations to date, we would be proud to furnish references upon request, who will attest to our impeccable customer support, technical expertise, and superior products. Vanguard is an innovative company that is prepared to invest the time, effort and creativity to develop unique projects in partnership with our clients. 

The ground-breaking Chip-On-Board Chromium Series! 
Chip-On- Board (COB) technology solders three (3) LED chips, 1 red, 1 blue, 1 green, directly onto a PCB board. The COB manufacturing process results in a perfectly flat, uniform LED surface allowing for a flawless encapsulation of the chips using a clear epoxy resin. COB Technology is a two (2) step manufacturing process. Chip-On- Board (COB) technology is up to ten (10) times more reliable than SMD. 10/ppm vs. 50- 100/ppm. 

The encapsulation of the LED chips with clear epoxy resin creates a protective surface that is highly impact resistant. Chip-On- Board (COB) technology is a safeguard against the intrusion of humidity, and is also anti-static, anti-dust, and waterproof on the front of the display. COB technology also provides for a higher contrast ratio, sharpness and deeper colors than SMD. 

The Revolutionary Combination of Chip-On-Board and Common Cathode Technologies
The protective resin coating applied as part of the COB manufacturing process does cause some heat build-up. Vanguard, as usual, has come up with a unique, innovative solution. We are combining COB technology with COMMON CATHODE technology. The critical advantage of COMMON CATHODE technology is the reduction in heat generated from an LED display by up to 40%. As a result, the heat emanating from a LED COB/Common Cathode display will be negligible.