Fusion Series


Vanguard LED Fusion Series

  • No bezels.
  • Nanosecond response versus millisecond response.
  • Energy efficient and environmentally friendly. (No mercury).
  • Slim design (1.3" Depth)
  • 160 degree wide viewing angle.
  • Front access for simple and quick maintenance.
  • One power cord, one-button switch.
  • Wireless projection controlled by remote control, phone or tablet.
  • Cloud service, multi-window remote video conferencing monitoring.
  • Supports external 12-megapixel HD web camera, 16GB storage.
  • Supports external surround and stereo audio.
  • Supports Android or Microsoft.
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Various interfaces- USB; HDMI; RJ45; AV input/output; WI-FI; 4G; Infrared RF remote control.
  • Our Fusion series is rated to run for 100,000 hours – that’s 10 years at full brightness.
  • Vanguard LED's Fusion series is not affected by ambient light. Fusion eliminates lighting condition worries associated with dim
  • projectors and can be used with sunlight intrusion and overhead light.
  • Vanguard LED Fusion Series is color consistent compared to LCD arrays, which need to be color calibrated at least once a year
  • The Fusion series is constantly brilliant – compared to an LCD video wall array – if one LCD panel goes out, the new one has to be
  • degraded to match the other aged displays or there will be contrast and brightness imbalance.
  • Our Fusion series is warrantied for 2 years.

Fusion 108"

Small Room

Fusion 135"

Small Room

Fusion 163"

Medium Room

Fusion 216"

Large Room

Pixel Pitch





Display Resolution


Display Size (in.)

95" x 53" x 1.4"

118" x 66" x 1.4"

142" x 80" x 1.4"

189" x 106.3" x 1.4"

Display Weight (lbs.)

195 lbs

298 lbs

424 lbs

750 lbs

Color Depth (Bit)

16 Bit

Lifetime to half Brightness

100,000 hrs


Brightness (nits)

600-1000 Nits Adjustable

Grey Scale


Viewing Angle

160º x 160 º

Video Interface

HDMI x 3 (2 in, 1 out), USB 3.0 x 1, USB 2.0 x 2, RF x 1

Control Interface

RJ-45 x 1, Touch (USB) x 1, Bluetooth, Wifi, RF, 4G

Cabinet Material

Die Cast Aluminum

Power Consumption (avg watts)





Install/Service Method

Wall Mount/Ground Support with Front Service

Vanguard Infrared Touch Display


  • Allows for Multi-Touch and Multi-User Interfaces.
  • Scalable up to 500”.
  • Accurate and Smooth Interaction.
  • Allows for an interactive presentation whether live in
  • person or on camera.
  • A frame around the cabinet creates the infrared
  • signals as opposed to an overlay which needs to be
  • removed and replaced in the event of an issue with
  • the display.

Technical Specifications

Available Sizes: 70-500"

Frame Thickness: 14mm

Surface Material: Aluminum Frame

Detectable Touch Point: 6/12/32

Response Time: 7-16ms

Touch Accuracy: +1-1.5mm

Touch Method: Finger/Stylus

Viewing Angle: 160x160

Minimum Viewing Distance: 2.3ft

Touch Input: PQ Labs Imaging I Technology.

Programming Interface: PQ Labs SDK/Windows

Source Voltage: 110/220V

Power Supply: 5V/4A Power Adapter

Safety & EMI: CE/FCC