Chromium Micro LED Fine Pixel Pitch LED Video Indoor Boards

Micro LED Technology

Micro LED Technology solders three (3) LED chips, 1 red, 1 blue, 1 green, directly onto a PCB board. The SMD process inserts the three (3) chips into a bulb/lamp which lamps are then affixed to a PCB Board. The Micro LED Technology manufacturing process results in a perfectly flat, uniform LED surface allowing for a flawless encapsulation of the chips using a clear epoxy resin. The encapsulation of SMD bulbs cannot result in a perfectly flat wall.

Micro LED Technology is a two (2) step manufacturing process as opposed to the four (4) step SMD process. THE Micro LED manufacturing process eliminates the need for a bracket and supports, thereby reducing the number soldering steps and as a result the number of possible failure points. See the diagram below. Micro LED Technology is up to ten (10) times more reliable than SMD. 10/ppm vs. 50- 100/ppm.  

The encapsulation of the LED chips using clear epoxy resin creates a protective wall that is highly impact resistant. Micro LED Technology is a safeguard against the intrusion of humidity, and is also anti-static, anti-dust, and waterproof on the front of the display. Micro LED Technology also provides for a higher contrast ratio, sharpness and deeper colors than SMD/GOB. 

Micro LED Technology will allow for exceptionally low, very reliable pixel pitches. The present reality is that SMD technology below P1 is unstable. To date SMD 0808 and Mini 4-in-1 technology is not dependable. Micro LED Technology has perfected the P0.94 and is developing P0.5! Incredible!

Technical Specifications

Pixel Pitch   P1.875 P1.5625 P1.25 P0.9375
Unit Pixel Structure 1R1G1B
Scan Method 1/30 1/36 1/45 1/60
Unit Resolution 80*30 96*36 120*45 160*60
Unit Size 5.9"x2.2"
Unit Quantity 12
Module Module Resolution 160*180 192*216 240*270 320*360
Module Size 11.811" x 13.287"
Module Array 2*1
Cabinet Cabinet Resolution 320*180 384*216 480*270 640*360
Cabinet Size 23.622" x 13.287"
Material Die-Cast Aluminum
Weight 13.23lbs
Power Voltage 48V (DC); 110~220V(AC)
Maintenance 100% Front Access
Screen Max Power Consumption 144 W
Avg Power Consumption 45 W
Max Current 26.5A(5V); 2.75A(48V)
Horizontal View Angle 160
Vertical View Angle 160
Brightness 300-500 nits
Contrast Ratio 10000:1
Power Factor >0.9
Operating Temperature -10C to +50C
Operating Humidity 20% to 90%
Life Span 100,000 Hours
Grayscale Processing 14-18 bit
Refresh Rate 2980Hz
Frame Rate 30-60Hz